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This book will show you the fundamental concepts of the most powerful tool for achieving financial freedom, real estate investment, so you can launch your retirement into the future!
Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Amazing Book!
• How to implement the same strategies used by the ultra-wealthy and Fortune 500 executives

• How to gain access to more funds than you can possibly invest

• The ugly truth about pension funds, 401(k) funds, and other benefit funds

• How to become a master at the most important aspect of successful real estate investment - property valuation

• How to use real estate to obtain both assets and cash flow for the optimal retirement

• The secret formula you need to basically guarantee your profitability

• How to potentially multiply your retirement savings without sacrificing your current lifestyle  

• Investment strategies that can continue to pay out, even with a downturn in the economy 
"My finances took a hard hit in the 2008 crisis.  This book was exactly the resource I needed to get motivated and help me get back on track!"
Rachel Falgout
Regional Director, Training and Consultation, BGC America
"Valuable material!  Sam does an excellent job at explaining property valuation and how to apply that knowledge in the marketplace.  This is a must-read for anyone interested in real estate!"
Alex Foit
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